Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"WILL" He? Or, "WON'T" He?

oh. BTW, I'm NOT Referring to "THE ELECTION"... However, *YAY!!* - I was Hoping that MR. OBAMA would WIN!

No... I'm talking about THE-FURNACE-GUY. -- He had "informed" MOTHER, that "depending" on His WORKLOAD, that He could "maybe, perhaps" come TOMORROW AFTERNOON..??

AFTER Several-HOURS of "SHOPPING", I spent an Additional Period on THE GREAT SORT... I *really*, **REALLY** HOPE that He DOESN'T Come until THURSDAY! Even FRIDAY, would be "GOOD"!

*CARVING*-OUT a "NICHE" into THE ROOM has been "Troublesome"... TOO many THINGS need to be "temporarily" PULLED-OUT, SORTED, RE-packed, and PUSHED-BACK, so that Another-LARGE-CONTAINER can *FIT-"IN"*! -- I Call IT, "STASH-IGAMI"...

whatever... I need *more* CONTAINERS! AND, **TIME**! -- aarrrggghhhh!! - [I've mentioned My DISLIKE for "this" Time of Year, yes..??]

ANYHOO... As I said, I finally managed to get OUT for a while. Did the COSTCO "MILK-RUN"... Picked up "THE TUDORS" *ROYAL Collection* of DVDs. I've only seen about the First-Third of the SERIES. And, I *do* LOVE "Period"-Piece Dramas!

NEXT, into the Lowering-SUN, I was off to MICHAEL'S... Hadn't been THERE for over a Week!! - Just managed to catch MANAGER-DAVE before He was "Off-Duty". -- Apparently, I had just "missed" Seeing the Company "PRESIDENT"..? - [pooh! I would have enjoyed That...]

I *didn't* Acquire ANY YARN - THIS Time - as IT's *ON-SALE* again, so I couldn't "use" My COUPON on IT. Instead, IT was applied to Another CHRISTMAS TIN. -- hmm... I was just Thinking, Those LARGE TINS are about the Perfect-Size for Some of My HATS...

I also picked up a Few "CLEARANCE" HALLOWE'EN ITEMS... Because, I just "need" *more* STUFF! - Actually, *most* of IT will get sent off to SISTER, to "play" with...

The SUN was Setting as I arrived at THE MALL... Had Errands to do and GROCERIES to get, before heading HOME for another "Episode" of "THE GREAT SORT"...

yeah... HE had better NOT Come, Tomorrow!


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