Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Hey! SHE's BACK!"

"..uh..SHE looks pretty *wasted*..."

"Yeah, I know... Then again, SHE always does after one of those gigs."

"..ahh... The *JOYS* of dealing with *CUSTOMERS*!
- I'd rather be chained to my workbench, thank you!"

"Tell me about it!"

"..yeah, toddies! So SHE's a *Marketing-Martyr*! All I wanna know, is *did* SHE make *enough* to cover the PAYROLL?! - I've got FAIRIES to feed."

"Oh, ELF-UP, DUDE! - Didn't I *tell* you to go with DUST-BUNNIES?
They practically feed themselves. But, noooo...
You just HAD to have *Wand-Whacking-Freaking-FAIRIES*!!
With GLITTER that gets. *EVERY*. *WHERE*.."

"Guys! GUYS! CHILL! -- SHE's counting *CASH*!!"



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