Saturday, November 24, 2012

Today's SNOW, Is Brought To You By The LETTER "S"

STARTING with...

- The Morning's faint dusting on the Lawn that was just a notch above *Frost*.

- The STURDY little "SANDERSON Roofing" SIGN that's been on the Front Lawn for a few Weeks now, finally "almost" SURRENDERED to the Day's STRONG Gusting Winds. Despite ITS SAIL-ish flapping about, I STILL had to STRUGGLE to yank out ITS remaining Metal-Leg-Anchor.

- Throughout the Day, there were light and thankfully *brief* SWEEPS of SNOW Pellets that would have likely been RAIN if not for the -8C WINDCHILL...

- I haven't been There for a few Weeks... ahh... The *STUFF* I could have bought...

There was this really nice SET of JAPANESE-made Dishes - White with SIMPLE SKY Blue STRIPES. Quite tempting, but alas, I have *no* Room! As well as, already have enough Other Dishes. And, I don't Cook. But, STILL... [SIGH!]

- Instead, I SETTLED upon This SIX-Inch Glass Dish... $1.79

I had to get SOMETHING!!
- Besides, I do happen to have SOME Other SIMILARLY STYLED Pieces that IT will go quite *well* with! I'm rather
"into" SQUARE Motifs... And, Glass - in *that* Colour...

- You know, for a SATURDAY, the SCARY-SHOPPERS were SURPRISINGLY in SHORT-SUPPLY!? -- hmm...very SUSPICIOUS...


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