Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Taking a *CREATIVE*-Break From "THE GREAT SORT"

I NEEDED TO DO "PIDDLY"-STUFF, TODAY... And, to get GOING on That HAT that I *HOPE* that I STILL have a CUSTOMER *FOR*?! - Hopefully, I have *enough* "GOOD" Pics to COPY IT from..?

Also, I wanted to Start on My "TUDORS" DVDs...

Meanwhile, got My WASHCLOTHS RE-INVENTORY Done. *IF* I can FIND the Time, there are Some COLOURS that I should RE-Stock on. -- WHEN I *Find* THEM!!

-- I *know* I have the YARN around HERE... SOMEwhere..??

BTW, NO Word from FURNACE-GUY, "Today", either...


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