Saturday, February 18, 2012

ah! How RIBBONing...

WOOHOO! -- Found MORE of Those "PENNY"-Each RIBBONS from Last Week! - [SEE 07FEB2012 POST] - Much BIN-DIVING was Involved...

And, TOTALLY *worth* IT! As, I LATER "discovered", that These [The ABOVE-LEFT GREEN, RED, and ROYAL-PURPLE-*not*-Blue Ones] VELVET RIBBONS are apparently usually, $10. a pop!!
-- CAN I just Rock the Ribbon Retail, OR *WHAT*!?! Huh?

BTW, did I *mention* the 25%-OFF-Your-Purchase-SALE..?

Meanwhile, along My Rout of Ribbon Retrieval, I happened upon The OTHERS... Some are Extras of the Last Week's Finds. -- OH! LOOK! *More* WOOL! ...hmm...I don't believe THEY had THIS Colour around LAST Time..


IT was a **LONG** Day!
  • Perfectly SUNNY in the Morning *BEFORE* We left the HOUSE.
  • MR.FIX-IT-NEIGHBOUR was helping MADAME-Q in Moving the "BIG" Stuff...
  • Completely OVERCAST when We headed Out!
  • TRAFFIC was light -- *because* THEY were waiting for Us IN the Stores!! Along with Their Munchkin-Hordes.
  • hmm..."WHY" hasn't the SUV-I-am-Parked-Next-To-With-the-5-Inch-OPEN-Passenger-Window-NOT-Been-STOLEN-and-or-RANSACKED-of-ITS-IPOD-Accessories-Bright-Pink-Leather-Gloves-and-MANY-Other-ITEMS-of-PILFERING-INTERESTS..??? -- Because I'm "Tempted"!
  • Will BANKS ever get a "Clue" to have MORE than 2-CLERKS working "when" THE LINE is to THE-DOOR?!!
  • Can MOTHER ever Spend LESS than a Half-Hour at DOLLARAMA?
  • Well, at least I got My Fav Parking-Spot at MICHAEL'S.
  • Oooo! CUPCAKE-DECORATING-LADY is right Inside the Entrance..NOT Giving out "Samples". POOH!!
  • I spent too much Time RIBBONating...
  • Off to COSTCO... "WHY" am I only doing 45 on the 80kph Road..?
  • Ah. "FAMILY-DAY-WEEKEND" has BEGUN, with Shopping-Cart-Urchin-Swarming!
  • *THANK-YOU* Kind-FOOD-SAMPLE-LADY for Pity-Feeding Me a REWARD for PATIENTLY withstanding the afore-mentioned URCHINS!!
  • oh.. So THAT's where the COP-Doing-Traffic-Outside-the-Parking-Lot went... Some Nasty ACCIDENT a few Blocks down Innes, on the OTHER Side of the Road!! [whew!]
  • Last-Minute Grocery-Detour before getting to THE MALL.
  • "WHY" is The FLAVOUR We *want*, always THE-ONE that ISN'T "On Sale"??
  • Finally! THE MALL...
  • Oooo! Actual CAKE-WE-CAN-EAT at the Grocery Store!
  • We keep "running" into FRIENDS... And, chatting...
  • ahh... "WHY" **CAN'T** We get OUT of the Store?? -- oh. Is IT *that* Late? huh.
  • crap! THE MALL Doors are LOCKED too!!
  • AFTER-A-Brisk-NIGHT-Time-5-Minute-Walk-AROUND-The-Building-to-GET-to-The-Other-Parking-Lot-AND-My-Car-*LATER*, I drove back to fetch MOTHER from the ONLY "open" EXIT.
  • Sooo Glad that I picked up some "TAKE-OUT"!


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