Monday, February 20, 2012

ORTish Opinions and Other Omnipotent Oddservations...

Because, *MY* "BLOOG"!! So, MY SOAPBOX! -- hang on... I've got a Laundry Load to take out... be back in a sec..

'kay.. I'm back now!

IT's a Holiday Here -- "FAMILY DAY" -- Most Places are CLOSED. And, not-so-"helpful", is the Fact that MOST of Them are Locations *where* "FAMILIES" would want to GO TO!? ...yeah. That works! - Well, at least, IT's a "Nice" Day!

Another SUNNY One!! YAY! -- Evaporation appears to be progressing at a Steady Pace... Now. IF, We can "avoid" having a 2-Month RAINY-SEASON like *Last* Year, then *perhaps*, YARD-SALE-SEASON will begin Sooner!?! -- Then again, We *really* DON'T have THE SPACE for ANYTHING *MORE*!! ...hate when *that* happens...

Personally, I'm seriously beginning to Suspect a "Prevention-of-*GOOD*-STUFF-Acquisition-CONSPIRACY"!! -- Think about IT... My Fav YARN-Store moving "OFF-World"..? You just can't Online-Order "ODD-BALLS". Seriously. WHERE'S the FUN in That??!! Besides,
"STASH"-Buying is ALL about TEXTURE! Getting to FEEL The YARN!

Oh. And, I do believe that My COTTON-YARN-"FACTORY-ENDS" Supply has also come to an END! The Chain of Stores that had Them was Bought by a Bigger Chain, that I doubt even carries Yarn!
-- I could end up HAVING to Pay "RETAIL" for My Future Crafty-Hoardy-Bits!? ...HATE when THAT happens, too!!

PRICES are going UP Everywhere.
Never What WE "want" is On-Sale...
The STOCK MARKET is all over The MAP! -- At least, *MY* Portfolio IS!
Same goes with the LOTTERY Numbers...

GETTING ANYthing *done* around the REALITY-SHOW-Last-Minute-Scheduling is a Chore! Meanwhile, JUST when You can *find* the Time to Squeeze in that OVERDUE Appointment, They CHANGE Locations. And, Weather *happens*! Or, SOMEthing BREAKS! Or, Someone comes to VISIT...

And then... Weather HAPPENS! again...

Actually, I Think that THIS-TIME-OF-YEAR is *almost* AS "INCONVENIENT" as the WINTER-HOLIDAYS... "TAX-TIME" certainly *doesn't* Help! Neither, does "END-OF-FISCAL"!

And, WHY are High-Use-Websites always being "UPgraded" *just* when You NEED to do Vital-THINGS at *that* Moment? -- Nor, am I *not* all that "Crazy" about the "New" SECURITY-INTERFACE-FORMAT on The COMMENTS Section, either!!

-- BTW, The JURY is also still "out" on the Lastest TWITTER "Face-Lift" as well!

And... *SPRING-CLEANING* - is a Global-Brainwashing-Industrial-Manufacturing-Marketing-Ploy! ...just saying...


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