Friday, February 3, 2012

I Am "Discovering"...

...THAT THIS WHOLE "AGING-THING" CAN BE SOMEWHAT *BORING*!! -- Of course, IT could be *because* I've had TWO-DAYS-IN-A-ROW-of-*NOT*-SHOVELING!!

NOT, that I'm "Complaining"! - Technically...

It's JUST that I have NOTHING to "Comment" About for Today. Other THAN - [the Usual]...
  • OVERCAST-ness.
  • NO Ice-MELTING Temps.
  • Cyber "Paperwork" to do.
  • A General LACK of Incentive to Begin ANY Projects.
  • An Overwhelming URGE to just VEG!
  • oh! Look! I've just Bought "STOCK", that will likely Plummet on Monday!
  • Reading catch-up.
  • The final "Drying" of Last Night's SOCK-Laundry.
  • ..I really *shouldn't* be Munching on ALL of that "Junk"-Food...
  • wait! ...IT's "FRIDAY"?!! *Already*?? -- nuts! That means I have to "deal" with NASTY-SATURDAY-PEOPLE Tomorrow... eeuwwww!!
  • [sigh!] - I need *another* Dark-CHOCOLATE-Covered-Almond!!


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