Monday, February 6, 2012


ahh...THE PRIMARY "SIGN" OF *WINTERLUDE* -- Temperatures ABOVE Freezing!!

A whole Day of *5C* mostly SUNNY Weather... I spent the better part of the Afternoon, CHIPPING and CHOPPING away at the Multi-Layered "ICE-CAP" of the Front Walk and Laneway. With, Intervals of SCOOPING out the MELTWATER...

The Overnight LOW Temps will no doubt counter Today's Efforts, however, *every* Scoop of ICE and WATER nearer to the Sewer, will be one LESS Later on! -- I *do* Wish that Someone would Remove that SNOWBANK...

Anyhoo... My only *other* "Progress" of the Day was Additional Work on "BLACK-HATTER", and, a $7. *WIN* on the LOTTERY! -- About Time!

Meanwhile - IF, the Weather "holds" - a Foray to TRAINYARDS might be in the Offings!



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