Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oooo...I Could Get *Used* To This POWER I Have...


So. As I do, every Morning when I emerge from My Basement "Burrow" before Breakfast, I go to the Front-Room to open the Curtains... Checking the Weather outside the Window is usually *how* I "Plan" My Day!

This Morning, I wanted to Gauge My "SHOVEL-Schedule" after Yesterday's FLAKE-FEST! ...ahh? Why am I seeing *Asphalt*..? huh. THE SNOW, IT's *not* "There"... hmm.. Snowblower-Tracks...

I'm suspecting MR.FIX-IT-NEIGHBOUR, as it appears that some of MADAME-Q's Laneway was done as well earlier on.

MOTHER confirmed My "Theory". And, also informed Me that HE had quite the STRUGGLE with the much Wet-Heavy-EVIL-SNOWPLOW-POOP!  -- I had wondered about how much of *THAT* would be Awaiting Me...

Well. I can definitely knock OFF an HOUR's worth from My Scheduled-3-Hours-of-Coronary-In-The-Making-"Exercise"! YAY! -- Oooo! And, IT's SUNNY out, too! BONUS!

As it turns out, I Spent TWO, SCRAPING a couple of Inches of CRISPY-FROZEN-NOT-QUITE-SLUSH-YET-PACK-SNOW... Between the Varying-Ground-Temps and the Gusting-Frigid-Winds, much of the WET-PACK-SNOW's Bottom-Layer ended up Melting-Flash-Freezing-Condensing... As a Result, I've been LEFT with an Inch of Porous-Looking-ICE all over the Place! -- The Temps are *suppose* to go UP This Week, I'm going to WAIT for IT to Soften before I go CHOPPING!

Afterward, I Removed that Leftover 2-Inches OFF of MADAME-Q's Laneway. Her "Old"-Shovel wanted to "Visit"...

Meanwhile... I'm SORE all over right now. "YESTERDAY", has caught-up to Me! "TOMORROW", is *definitely* going to be a VEG-DAY!! -- At least, *THAT's* "THE PLAN" and I'm STICKING to IT!! -- YARN *will* be INVOLVED!

..o-kay.. "LAUNDRY", too... I'm running out of CLEAN LOUNGING-PANTS!


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  1. Yay for powers over nice-young-men-with-snowblowers! I have one of those too that helps me (WHEN we have snow! Yes, girlfriend, my fingers are still crossed that we GET some! Hee!)

    Glad you had some help, and yes yes! Veg Day with Yarn sounds oh so nice


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