Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Escaped From The Laneway...


oh-kaay... *NOTHING* Falling OUT of The SKY, except SUNLIGHT!! My Cue to TAKE OFF!!

I *really* SHOULD have Started My little Sojourn *much* SOONER in the Day, as I didn't get to Leave until 2pm!! -- Checking out BUS Routes Online at 3am will do that - And, SLEEPING *IN*!
And, just taking One's "sweet time"!

Sooo... The *NEW* MEGA-SUPER-SIZED "IKEA" -- rumoured to be the Largest in NORTH AMERICA..?? -- In "Parking" and "Warehouse" Sections probably. As to the Rest, I have to Wonder...

Anyway, 2-Buses to get There - [through Areas that I have not travelled in AGES!!] - then a 10-Minute Walk over the Freeway Overpass, across wide Intersections, around some new Construction, Helped SOME-YOUNG-GIRL with BusStop directions -- That sort of thing *never* fails! Lucky for Her that I had the "Maps" burned into My Brain, as I haven't BEEN to THIS SPOT in Several Years!!

IT's a **BIG** BLUE BUILDING! -- Although, not as Aesthetically Pleasing on the Outside, as the One in VANCOUVER that SISTER-S took Me to Years ago... [just saying...]

Lots of OPEN Space... I probably *should* have taken a Cart instead of a "Bag", as the weight of My Jacket in My Knapsack soon became *uncomfortable*. And, there weren't any Carts Upstairs...

Since it was 3pm-ish and I *needed* to be Done *before* 4:30-Sundown, I didn't really Linger through the Display Areas. I concentrated more on the "Basket" Items... I had to CARRY What I Would BUY!!

In the Dining Room Section, I spotted what looked like TEA-TOWELS[?] draped over some Chairs.
An Ivory-Cotton-Linen[?] with Old-Ships printed on Them. Rather lovely looking... I asked a CLERK about Them - She said that They had been "made-up" from some of the Store's FABRIC. Which, I discovered later in the somewhat "limited" Fabric Section, NOT to be Found!

..crap... I *really* liked IT!

Moving on... MORE "Cool" Stuff that required a "Vehicle" to Transport. Not to mention, SPACE in the House to PUT Them! -- I was Trolling about with My Empty-BAG for quite a while... The
"Emphasis" at This Location, appears to be on the Larger "Installation"-Is-Required Items, rather than an abundance of Smaller Ones. -- At least, that was My "Impression".

Eventually, I ran into THESE GUYS!!

THEY were kinda Cute, Average-Priced, and LIGHT-WEIGHT!! -- I just Hope that THE KIDS don't *already* Have THEM!

BTW, the Children's Section also seemed "Lacking" from Previous Years. The Plushy-VEGETABLES were "Novel".

However, WHAT'S-WITH-The-STUFFED-**RATS**!!?? -- For REAL?! -- They aren't even Nice-looking... I have "Flushed" *cuter* Mice!

Seriously, This CITY has had *enough* "Problems" with Rodents in the Past Year because of the Excess RAIN last Spring. The LAST Thing We need to do, is to Teach Our Children that these Vermin are Cute-Cuddly-PETS!! -- "MICKEY", These Toys were NOT!

Next, it was Time to head Downstairs again to the "Market" Section... I picked up some Northern-Wildlife-COOKIE-CUTTERS and Silicon CUPCAKE-CUPS for MOTHER.

Then, it was past the Cavernous-Large-Enough-To-Make-Studio-Executives-Jealous-"Warehouse"-Section toward CHECKOUT... hmm... No more nice thick Clear Bags. You have to Buy Their Baggy-BAGS if You didn't bring any... Good thing that I've got the Knapsack, huh? Gonna have to Squish the poor PUPPIES though.

NOW. Gotta find My Way OUT of Here!!

I ended up "exploring" more of the Covered-Parking-Lot than I would have *liked*! But, EVENTUALLY, found Access to the Side-Street where I needed to BE to get My RETURN-Buses. Despite the Rush-Hour, I think That Journey took *less* Time!

..Well, except for the Part where I snuck into THE MALL to pick-up a few Things, and ended up Waiting 20-Minutes in the Cold for the Local-Bus that was over 10-Minutes Late!

My Feet hurt...


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