Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Consumption of *Vast* Amounts of CHOCOLATE-FUDGE-BROWNIE-ICE-CREAM...

Sprinkled With a *Generous* "Helping" of MINI-CHOCOLATE-CHIPS Was Deemed NECESSARY For a Coherent Rendering of Tonight's BLOOG Entry!!

"POURQUOI??" You ask..?

Well, "Because", on "VALENTINE'S DAY" IN-A-*PERFECT*-WORLD...
  • I'm 20-Years Younger.
  • Look like some Greek-Goddess - [with a "Healthy" Bank Account in THE CAYMANS!]
  • Doing Dinner and *WHATEVER* with some TALL-HANDSOME-STRAPPING-YOUNG-LAD in a Lovely Tropical Location!
  • NOT gaining a Single Calorie after Consuming the Afore-mentioned ICE-CREAM!
  • Winning The LOTTERY!
  • Enjoying some *more* "WHO-WHATEVER"...

  • I'm *still* MIDDLE-AGED!
  • The ONLY "goddess-thing" about Me is My First Name! And, IT *isn't* Greek. -- But, I *have* been to THE CAYMANS though... Nice Place! Lots of Banks. Great Beaches. And, at the Time, THE *only* Location I could FIND *any* DR.PEPPER, was at a Post-Office spot called "HELL"!! - [Been THERE. Done THAT. MAILED the Post Card!]
  • Spent the first Half of The-DAY "Fasting" for My "Lunch-Time" Date at the Bloodsucker-Clinic! With nary a TALL-HANDSOME-STRAPPING-YOUNG-LAD-"LOOKING"-VAMPIRE in sight!!
  • And, those SNOWBANK-Sculptures sooo do NOT look anything like PALM TREES!!
  • hmm... Is THAT a CHOCOLATE-CHIP poking out of My Hips..?
  • No Luck on Tonight's "Numbers"...
  • Have I mentioned that I have NO "Life"..??

Sooo... "WHAT"-DID-I-DO??
  • Dug out the ICE-CREAM!
  • Popped My HAWAII FIVE-0 DVDs into the Laptop. - [You know...TALL-HANDSOME-STRAPPING-YOUNG-LAD Actor ALEX O'LOUGHLIN used to "Play" a Vampire..]
  • And, MADE more of THESE...


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  1. Your Valentines Day was still more exciting than mine! (spoken as I crawl out from under the sofa where I was hoping to find a tall strong strapping man)

    Still, Happy Valentines Day!


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