Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's RED, WHITE, and PINK...

AND, *NOT* "ON SALE"?? -- Well, THAT would be the "TAGS" on the Items that I Bought!

So... The SALLY-ANN has this "Pre"-Valentine-Weekend-Sale thing going on -- the SIGNS
say "on RED, WHITE, PINK *CLOTHING*", which MOTHER "interprets" as Items with those PRICE-TAG Colours...

yep! - LONG-TIME-RACK-SEARCHING-SHORT - She missed out on a few Nice RED Items because They didn't have "the right Tag-Colour". And I, ended up Buying a couple of RED-TAG Sweaters that *weren't* RED, *nor* Half-Price!

oh, well... -- I just *hope* They FIT!!?

Anyhoo... IF THIS "LAURA ASHLEY" 100%-WOOL One doesn't, I suppose that I could FELT IT down and turn IT into a Great PILLOW!

As for Other Stuff... I found THESE TWO little SHOT-GLASSES. I thought They were CUTE!

The Remainder of Our Chilly-SUNNY-Day was devoted to Grocery-Getting... My FAV BLUEBERRY-JUICE was On Sale, too! Got almost a 2-Month "Supply" now... Oooo! They have Two NEW Flavours
- BLACKBERRY and BLACK-CURRANT!! -- But, in *Smaller* Bottles at the SAME Price...

hmm... I *do* hope THAT doesn't become a "Trend"..?!!


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  1. could you rip it out and use the wool possibly?? nice colours hugs tinkx


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