Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guess WHO's *HERE* For The Next "48"?


"SISTER" - "ME", in My Early Supreme-Sibling Days - "BABY-BRO"

...and, SNOW??!! what-the-****..?!

aarrrggghhhh... I just Washed most of My Shovel-Wear, "hoping" to put IT *AWAY*..?!! -- well... Temps *are* still Mild, perhaps IT'll MELT by Morning..?


SO. SGT.[ret.]-DOC flew in earlier for a "DAY-PLUS" Work-Thingy. He's recently "Retired" from Active-Duty and has moved into a "Civvy"-type Job... We haven't SEEN Him for almost 2-Years! Fortuitously for Us ALL, His Day-and-a-Bit-"Business"-Trip and "Stay" are at a *very* Nearby Hotel!

Which, The ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS and I paid a Visit to this Evening... AFTER, the SNOWFALL!
-- You know, IT didn't "Start" until *after* He Landed!

Meanwhile, Half of Our Time was shared on SKYPE [from across the Country] with His lovely Wife, MAID-MARE - Who, had just come IN from Shovelling!! - She has great Technique, BTW! Worthy of Inheriting MY Shovels! - Just prior, We had been WATCHING Her on His PHONE!!

"TECH-TOYS", gotta luv 'em!

Anyhoo, THAT was actually the First Time that I've been on SKYPE! The Signal-Speed wasn't all that great, so IT was a tad Disorienting, especially for MOTHER. AlthoughShe did find the Experience to be "Exciting"!

-- AND I, *finally* got to "See & Speak" with My young STEP-NEPH-K!! YAY!


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