Monday, February 13, 2012 "IDEA" is Germinating...

SO.. BE AFRAID! *VERY* AFRAID... [INSERT Maniacal "AUNTIE" Laughter and Creepy-Music]

Anyhoo... I'm **BACK** ON-THE-HOOK!! -- SEE!!

A few Months ago, I came across a small Online Pic of a CROCHETED HEART, that Looked
to be Simple enough to DO... There wasn't a Pattern - not that I could've Followed IT if there had been... And, despite being in a slightly Fuzzy Yarn, the STITCHES were reasonably Clear. sorta...

So... This Evening, I thought that I would take a STAB at IT... Usually, I prefer to have the Stitch-Example "IN-Hand", however, *that* was not Happening in THIS Case! -- Well, IT took a Few ATTEMPTS, and The ORIGINAL has Another ROW... But, *What* I've managed, IS close enough to WHAT I wanted to Achieve!

And, after "Playing-Around" with the FINISHED PRODUCT, IT's given Me a "Future" PROJECT
"IDEA"! -- Something of a "Sculptural" NATURE...

I'll probably Experiment with My COTTON YARN first - I have the Needed Colours in that. Then, I might do a Version in WOOL... -- I'll Keep YOU Posted!!


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