Saturday, February 4, 2012

*Sunny* "..IT BLACK"!!


Ah... The FINGERS are *Back* AT IT!!

You know, for a "Plain" WOOL, THIS STUFF actually has a rather NICE Feel to IT... I will have to Mix IT with some of My OTHER "Fancier" YARNS on some Future "Project". -- hmm... One of Those GREYs maybe..?

However, for Now, I'm just looking to do *Something* in Solid BLACK. - [FAIRY-T knows "what" I'm talking about]

So... **SUNNY**!! - [Happy Dance!] - And, not "too" Cold. Although, NOT Warm enough to MELT a whole Lot, either! -- But, then again... WINTERLUDE is ON! Which, will almost Guarantee to bring on RISING Temps, *just* when the Local TOURIST BUREAU does NOT *need*
IT to!! - [One of OTTAWA's *few* Weather-CONSTANTS!]

TODAY's "Mission", was to head on over to ST.LAURENT SHOPPING CENTRE to Check Out the "BECEL" Cholesterol Clinic...

BTW, ALL of "THOSE" People that I had expected to be ON the Roads, IN My Way, were Ahead of Us in the GET-A-NUMBER-AND-GO-SHOP-FOR-AN-HOUR-WHILE-YOU-*WAIT*-"LINE". -- Some Chairs for The ELDERLY would have Helped!

Anyhoo, LONG-WAIT-SHORT... Apparently, *My* DAILY-2-Hour-SHOVELfest-KRILL-OIL-Capsule-Popping-BLUEBERRY-JUICE-Mainlining Beat the "Numbers" OFF of MOTHER's FLAXSEEDY-CRANBERRY-DATES-Mystery-Muffins-Yucky-AVOCADO-Smeared-Smelly-EGGS!!

To *Celebrate*, ON SALE "Mini"-Dark-CHOCOLATE-Chips and DR.PEPPER was Purchased in Abundance! -- AndTHAT was about ALL that I Bought, Today! Absolutely, NO *FUN* STUFF was Gotten at ALL!?! - Seriously, I *even* Put $$ INTO a "SAVINGS" Account!!

I must be Losing My SUPER-SPENDING-POWERS!!.. I Blame IT on the DROP-of-Blood-LOSS and SUNNY-Stroke!!


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