Friday, February 17, 2012

Many More MAGS, MELT-water, and Oooo, I Get To KEEP *The METAL SHOVEL*!!


Well... all of those Spots where I had Removed ICE, Yesterday, have been slowly REFILLING with MELTWATER. Fortunately, the Wind helped in Drying IT up somewhat... However, I'm Pondering on moving some of the Snowbank-Edge BACK, further ONTO the Lawn. AWAY from the Front-Walkway... I need to CONTROL the MELT Amounts!

Once again, MADAME-Q brought over *another* PILE of MAGS! And, Birdseed for MOTHER... I'm sure that the SQUIRRELS will *enjoy* IT!

-- As well as, She passed on Future-OWNERSHIP of Her METAL-SHOVEL!! - [WooHoo!! Now I don't have to embezzle FATHER's CANADIAN-TIRE-MONEY!]

Anyhoo... I spent the Afternoon flipping through Today's Literary Assortment... I really *should* be taking NOTES! -- I'm coming across some Intriguing Stuff!

"TANGERINE ORANGE" is suppose to be THIS Year's "BIG" Colour..?? -- Well, apparently, ORANGES were Hot-Stuff a "Decade" AGO, too!  -- hmm... It makes Me wonder as to exactly how *diverse* IS that "CRAYOLA"-esque DECOR-COLOUR-WHEEL..??!!

In the Meantime, the HARD PART, will be finding the PROPER "Complimentary"-Colours to *BALANCE* out said HUE! -- Various Shades of PURPLE and VIOLET come to Mind. Perhaps NAVY? FLAXEN Tones are also good...

-- Seriously! I've already *Lived* through "THE 60s" once! ...I'm having Retinal-Damaging-Chromatic-Flashbacks just Thinking about THAT "Combo"! eeuwww!!


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