Monday, September 19, 2011

ALOHA "Castle" Day!!


Season 4 of "CASTLE"
    Last Season.. BECKETT was Shot by a Sniper. As She lay Dying, CASTLE professed His Love... Did She HEAR Him? Will She Remember..?

Season 2 of "HAWAII FIVE-0"
    McGARRETT has been Charged with the Corrupt GOVERNOR's Murder. He's being "Framed"! Will "Super-SEAL" attempt to Escape from Prison, before WE get to see ALL of His Tattoos?! Will His TEAM PROVE His Innocence..? Will The TEAM be BACK Together...? Will WO FAT *ever* get Caught?!

OH, and of course, BOTH SHOWS ARE ON AT THE SAME TIME!! aarrggghhh!!

..decisions, decisions...

The "usual" Game Plan is taping CASTLE while watching 5-0. - I need to see The CUTE GUYS
"LIVE"! And, the Scenery... ANYthing to keep My Mind OFF of My "Cold"!

Yes. I've CAUGHT MOTHER's Cold!! -- So far, IT's just at the Sore-Throat-Hurts-To-Swallow-Mess-With-My-Tonsils Stage. I'm over-loading with the Vitamin C and Onions and Fluids at the Moment to hopefully Lessen the whole Process!

...AH! The *MAGIC* of BLOOGING! It's much Later Now...

BOTH were GREAT Episodes!! - And the 5-0 Ending...? WHOA!! -- Sooo. Did. NOT. See. THAT. *ONE*. Coming!!


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  1. We havent got either of them yet and they havent been advertised grr hugs tinkx


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