Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm All TARred Out!

AND, FRECKLED! -- Gonna be FEELING *IT* Tomorrow!!

FATHER chose TODAY to apply that BLACK-TAR-DRIVEWAY-SEALANT STUFF on the Laneway... There was absolutely NO WAY that He was going to DO IT, Himself - *despite* intending to do just That!

  • First off, MOTHER would have had His Butt-In-A-Sling!
  • Secondly, He IS "Elderly", plagued with a few Chronic Conditions that could do WITHOUT Him "over-doing" it...
  • Thirdly, IT would have taken Him FOREVER to get IT Done! - Just like Snow-Shovelling... just saying...

And now, after "several" Hours of sweeping, rolling, brushing, and splattering about, The Driveway is all nicely Black and... well, BLACK! -- However, NEXT Time, I think I might just do IT Myself... Along with, a BETTER Push-Broom! I'm certain that I could likely get IT completed in HALF of the Time that IT had taken US This Afternoon!

Meanwhile, this Evening, was spent recuperating with some Crochet THERAPY... I started on THIS...


TODAY, has also been One of Inner Reflection for Many... Although, THANKFULLY, not directly marred by the Infamous EVENTS of a short Decade ago, I do have Acquaintances who HAVE. As well as, Others whose Lives have taken Other Paths as a Result...

I Pray that those Alternate Journeys prove to be more Fortuitous for ALL! -- And that, after HISTORY's *countless* TransgressionsMANKIND alas take HEED of the Lessons HARD-Taught by the SACRIFICES of the INNOCENT!?


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