Sunday, September 25, 2011


REMEMBER, IT *could* be Worse! -- You COULD have ended up OLDER *than* ME!!

And YES, I *know* that "Officially" I'm a Day EARLY... But, with the TIME DIFFERENCES and the Hour at which I get around to POSTING - I didn't want to MISS the *Actual* Day!!

Oh, and I've also given You your own "KEYWORD" TAG!


So... Despite NOT doing a whole "lot" Today - except for the Usual LAUNDRY, CYBER-SURFING, etcetera - I finally summed up the Courage to Carve a NICHE into THE ROOM...

You know, it's really Weird as to how *MUCH* "so much" STUFF *LOOKS* when IT's been
"temporarily" Relocated..? -- It took Me a while, but I managed to FIND the YARN I needed. And, since I was *THERE*, I pulled out a Number of OTHER ITEMS that I will be Using for the CRAFT SHOWS. A Good Thing that I DID, as I came across a Few Pieces that SHOULD have been ELSEwhere!

AFTERward, when I PUT THINGS "BACK" - with the *NEEDED* Stuff in FRONT for Easy Access - there was EXTRA SPACE..!?! huh...

Anyway. After My "Escape", I returned My *Newest* KNITTING Project that I had started on the Other Day... I won't keep You in SUSPENSE! -- IT'S going to be another "SHAN-TOQUE"!


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