Friday, September 2, 2011

"..We Interrupt This BLOOG..."

"...For a DISNEY-MOMENT..."

You know... *just* WHEN I start wracking My Brain to Find *ANY*THING to BLOOG about, FAMILY MEMBERS always seem to COME UP with "Something" of WORTH! -- For Which, I am *most* GRATEFUL, as - well, let's face it - I have NO "Life"!

IF I'm not ONLINE, then I'm BUSY with CROCHETING - [and recently, Knitting] - and/or "Buying" YARN and increasing My over-varied "Collections"..! -- So, when an Item of Interest comes My Way, I enjoy "Sharing"...

BABY BRO and His Gang have just recently taken a little Vacation to one of the Numerous "Resort" Towns of the BRITISH COLUMBIAN Interior for a few Days... He sent THIS "Drive-By" Sighting of The RUDOLPH Fan Club!

I'm thinking, that those Plastic Lawn Ornaments "Sales" aren't so profitable in that *Neck-of-the-Woods*..? Eh?

Meanwhile... OUR Front Yard was sporting THIS Bit of Colour... I snapped this "Holiday Souvenir Pic" for Mr.Monarch before He heads Home to MEXICO in a few Weeks.

Well... I have My "PROJECT" to get BACK to! -- I'm finally starting BALLS 3 & 4 now... Those First TWO actually went much further than I had expected. I may *yet* manage to keep THIS THING under 6 BALLS!


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