Saturday, September 10, 2011

..Can You FEED Me, Now..?


"WHY..?" -- Well, because She wanted to hit Those FEW Late-Season-YARD-SALES at Prime-Picking-Time! As it happens, *most* were in Our Neighbourhood. Surprisingly, the Weather was bang-on Perfect! -- Although, it did get rather HOT by Late-Afternoon compared with the somewhat COOLER Morning Temps.

Okay. So. I picked up This [BELOW] BLACK-BEADED PURSE... As lovely as IT is, I was primarily interested in IT for the BEADS. However, Now... IT's missing a few on the Strap - which, I COULD Repair with My Current Bead-Stock..? -- A Decision for a Future Time!

Meanwhile... The Original Price was $2. As I "contemplated", then Decided to PASS in lieu of Someone Else looking for a Glitty Evening Bag, The Nice-Pregnant-Lady OFFERED a DOLLAR..!
-- **SOLD**!

Eventually, We made Our Way to BEACON HILL - Nothing There! Did the Regular Stop at The SALLY-ANN... Where, I acquired the ABOVE Set of PURPLE ALUMINUM KNITTING NEEDLES for *only* 89-Cents!!

After a "minor" Delay with THE CAR - [..I *hate* Parking-Brakes! And that's ALL I'm going to Say on the Matter..] - We headed off to a "TRADE-SHOW" for Auditory Devices at one of the Local-Area Hotels. The ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS had already checked IT out Yesterday, coming away with the "requisite" amount of FREE Pens and Tote-Bag *BOOTY*!

We had to go to TRAINYARDS, the Hotel was "Nearby"... MOTHER *LOVES* getting FREE TOTE-BAGS! And, I'm not in the Position to Dissuade Her...

Oh, Look! FREE FOOD...
hmm... It WAS Lunch-Time.
-- Hey! I really was a "Good Girl"! Only got a few Items that covered ALL of the Major FOOD GROUPS - Fruit, Veggies, Grains, Meat, CHOCOLATE... The Chocolate-Brownie-Cake was VERY GOOD!!

As to MY Freebie-HAUL...

That Black Thing on the TOP is a Nylon-Fold-Up-Tote. And there were 2 other TOTE-Bags... MOTHER aquired "more" - so, She was HAPPY! And I, was FED! -- Off We were again, to MICHAEL'S...

LOTS of Little-Novelty-Stuff ON SALE. Whilst MOTHER accumulated an Allotment of Scrapbooking Supplies, I was drawn to These WOODEN
"LETTER" HOOKS. Some were marked Down, the Others at the Regular Price.

-- I really *should* have bought MORE. I didn't realize until AFTER I took This Pic, that from the Other LETTERS that were Available, I *could* have Spelled My WHOLE First Name!

As it is, The "N" will be going to One of THE PRINCESSES - there were a couple of Additional LETTERS not included Here. Those are for the OTHER PRINCESS and Their MOM...

Anyway, "The PLAN" was to Hang Letters in some other Form, to display "HANDMADE by AUNTIE SHAN"... I still have a few more Kinks to IRON OUT...

Until THEN, I came up with Another IDEA... [RIGHT] - These are Soft-Foam Thermal-BEVERAGE-HOLDERS... THEY were CHEAP, very POPPIE-BRIGHT, and looking for ANYthing "Creative" to happen to THEM!

-- I "Envisioned" THIS...

IT's just THREE WASHCLOTHS rolled-up "Flowery-Like"... I was "Thinking" that IT would HELP with My Craft Table Display..?


After spending TOO much Time at MICHAEL'S, We scooted over to WALMART, briefly... And ended Our looong Day at THE MALL, where NUTELLA Samples were awaiting Us! Passed out by Our Fav Demo-Girl - CINDERIA! - [SEE 31JUL2010 POST] - We haven't seen Her in Months!


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