Monday, September 5, 2011

*THANK YOU* to Those Who Are "WORKING" Today!

IN THE MEANTIME, THE CLOUDS have been putting in a DOUBLE-SHIFT! As for The SUN... I'm suspecting that MR.BRIGHT & SHINY has "secretly" been a Founding Member of The CELESTIAL
BODIES UNION! And, is no doubt, spending the LABOUR DAY Holiday Scorching about some *Southerly* "Vacation Spot"!! -- Because, the TEMPS have DROPPED Here!

Well... I decided Today, to take a Temporary Break from "PLAYING" with YARN, and instead, to do some READING of "YARNS". -- The OTHER Side of the BRAIN needed a bit of a Workout, whilst the WRISTS needed a Rest...

Besides, between the Dark-Dreary-Cool-Dampish Weather and *lack* of SHOPPING, it was a pretty much BORING Day! -- In fact, the ONLY "Interesting" Event was when a rather Large and quite Colourful MOTH was trying to get through the Porch Window!! - [MUST have Heard about My YARN Stash!]

-- I was reading The Paper in the Kitchen when IT caught My Attention... For a Second, I thought that "IT" was One of the HUMMINGBIRDS that frequent the Porch Feeder..? - IT was the *same* SIZE! Almost Flew like One, too... However, as soon AS I grabbed MOTHER's nearby Camera, IT took OFF!!

I've never One like IT before, and *doubt* that I will AGAIN!

-- At least, until the NEXT TIME that I'm in NEED of BLOOG Material!


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