Sunday, September 18, 2011

..what..? -- I *Missed* IT?!!

NUTS!! -- And IT was so Close, too! I must have been Driving THEN...

It wasn't until a couple of Hours Later, that I heard that We had "apparently" had a 4.0 Earth Tremor about 20 odd Miles East of Here! Just over on the Quebec side... Normally, when They are more North of Us, We feel Them. However, I suspect that the Angle of the Ottawa River between There and Here, probably dampened this "Wave"...

"Whatever.." - I MISSED IT!! -- And, the IDIOT-With-No-Left-Brake-Light who Cut Me OFF on the way to COSTCO! I *hate* going There on Sundays. "The CROWD" and "Sunday-Drivers" have such a weird "Vibe"... But, I *needed* to get Milk. And, pick-up Something that I had Forgotten to, Yesterday.

So... My *DAY* was --
  • Expose Myself to Crazy-Sunday-Drivers.
  • Weave My way through Crazy-Sunday-Shopping-Cart-Drivers.
  • MISS THE PLANET grumble...
  • Do more LAUNDRY.
  • Make THESE...


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