Thursday, September 8, 2011

UGH!! Paper-LESS, huh?


WHAT is it about "CYBER"-Work that oft Times seems to be *more* of a hassle AND, *longer* to DO, than ACTUAL Old-Fashioned "PAPER"-Work..?

I had a "Simple" Task - a Handful of Establishments needed to be Informed of a MINUTE Change in Their Records... "How" Difficult could it be? -- hmm?

So... OVER Two Hours LATER...!! -- I have DIAL-UP. My Choice, and not an "Issue" - per se. Although, in this "Exercise", I did HAVE to spend much effort in Switching My "Lines" back and forth... At One Place, I had to use "Online", as Their Offices CLOSE at 2..?! At Another - despite, Their rather Pleasant Staff - I was Transferred and "On Hold" for longer than probably should have been necessary.

And then, there was The ONE, where I managed to do *Part* on Their "AUTOMATED SERVICES", but went on to have to TALK with a "Live Person"... Who was without ANY doubt, "OFFshore..." Anyway, I THINK I got it all done There?? ...I hope...

Meanwhile, seeing as I was doing ALL of "This" sort of Stuff, I decided to take care of another
"Technical Problem" that I've had for a few Months... -- "ANGELA" was *quite* Helpful in Solving My Dilemma!

Oh! LOOK!! I even found Time to FINISH What I started Last Night... "LOOP-FRUIT" - done in FRUIT-LOOPS!


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