Tuesday, September 6, 2011



And I've now BOOKED My "Spot" for My Other Regular SHOW at The GOOD SHEPHERD CHURCH in BLACKBURN HAMLET - [SEE The SIDEBAR] - for NOVEMBER 5TH...

I'm going to have to get BACK to CROCHETING! I have some WASHCLOTH "Inventory" to Top Off... And, a Birthday SCARF for a Friend by Month's End.

But, First... I need to finish My "Viewing" of Season-1 of "The BORGIAS"!
-- Picked IT up at COSTCO earlier Today... I didn't watch IT when IT was Televised. Wanted to see the DVD Version... Still have a Disc left to get through. LOVING the COSTUMES!!

Anyway, I'm going to Post THIS and get Back to IT!


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  1. ooh i like the Borgias they are just showing season one now, i like the eldest son, his leather trousers are rather amazing!! heeh


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