Monday, September 26, 2011

YAY!! I *Fixed* IT!

FOR WELL OVER A YEAR, I've been using this COOLING PAD for My LAPTOP. Got IT "On Sale", of course...

And, until Recently, IT has been Serving Me quite well!

However, for the last Month or so, the Adapter-Pin-Plug-Part has been HINKY. If the CABLE moved, the FANS stopped due to Power-Loss.

For "SOME" Reason, the Plug just wasn't making proper CONTACT. Much "dwiddling" was OFT needed to remedy the Situation! So much so, that for the last Week, I've had to use My BACKUP "Travel" COOLING RACK...


Today, whilst Downloading some Large Files, I decided to take a LOOK at My PAD-PROBLEM! -- I needed to get INTO IT. I knew the Area of Concern was the Plug-in Assembly... But, alas, HOW do I get TO IT without Destroying the Casing? -- hmmm...

There HAS to be SCREWS... Likely, *under* those little Round-Rubber-Pads..? -- I pried One off. BINGO!

I whipped out My Trusty "Swiss Army" Knife - using the Screwdriver Part - and commenced with undoing the 4 Corner Screws... ah. Some
"dusting" is needed... Huh. Not as "Complicated" Looking as I thought IT might be... Then again...

There's this 3 square-centimeter Circuit-Board... And the Plug-HOUSING is *really* SMALL! -- I fiddled with IT. Discovered that THE PROBLEM appears to be between the Housing and the Board... I need to take the Board off of the
"Machine". Only 2 tiny Screws... Could do with a small Driver...

Okay.. Board is off.. Sticking the Plug IN.. hmm... SOMETHING is just NOT making Contact... wait a sec... Really? COULD it be THAT Simple..? -- HUH! Alrighty...

So. As in most Boards, there're SOLDERING "Drops" that Connect and Hold-Down Stuff.. In THIS Case, the CONTACT "Pins" had - from the constant movement of UNplugging - FORMED a HOLE *within* the Solder... Hence, causing the PINS to NOT make SOLID Contact to the Rest of the Circuits!

ALL it took, SQUISHING the Soft Solder TO the Pins! -- WORKS PERFECTLY [FOR] NOW!!

MUST Remember to NOT *Jiggle* the PLUG *WHEN* Removing!!

...And THAT, is How FAIRY-T's Large-Birthday-Present-Pics HELPED Me Repair My Cooling Pad!
-- MAGIC!!


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  1. ooh sorry i didnt realise they were that big hugsx


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