Saturday, September 3, 2011


NORMALLY, I WOULD INCLUDE The "B-Word" in My Sentiments... *However*, My very Dear Friend - NANI-W - has apparently been Expressing Her DISLIKE of "B-Days".. So, as My
"Gift" to Her, I will NOT "Use" The "B-Word" Here Today.

Meanwhile, if Anyone is looking for an Excuse to PARTY..? Then, MARK "This FACT" on Your Calendars to Celebrate at a Later Date - *I-Did-NOT-Spend-ANY-Money-At-Yard-Sales-And-Or-Thrift-Shops* Today!! OR, on YARN!!

..YES... It was rather Micro-Economically Tragic! Although, do *not* DESPAIR! A teeny Monetary Dent was dinged into My "Budget" and several Retail-Personnel shall remain Employed over this LABOUR DAY Weekend...

Soooo... WHAT did I GET..?!!


Despite, being extremely Hard-Pressed to FIND a *PLACE* to Store IT, at the massively On Sale Price of $19.94 - I just *couldn't* Resist!

...Besides, IT's nicely Designed, and USEFUL! I'm certain that I'll be in NEED of IT at Some Future CRAFT SHOW...



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  1. Awww... AuntieShan! By not using the b-word & managing to wish me a happy day in the title of your psot, you've managed to elevate my day to new heights! Thank you, Sweetie!!! You're a STAR!!! BTW, awesome buy, that table!!!


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