Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy "International CROCHET Day"!!

I SUPPOSE, that I should *actually* get around to DOING some of THAT "Today", huh?

I was a tad preoccupied Earlier with flexing My "AUNTIE" Acquisition Powers! -- It's still only SeptemberYET I've been thrusted - [via a 3am Tweet from My Niece-TheMOM] - into "PRE-Christmas-Shopping" Mode for one of Those Future "So-Called" **HOT ITEM** while IT is *still* "hopefully" Available!?

Five Minutes of Busy-Signal, then "On Hold" for another two... Woohoo! Two left On Shelf... Placed a 48-hour HOLD on ONE! -- Well. That's ONE GIFT *Done*!!

NOW... About that whole Global-Domination of CROCHET Thingy..?

I've JUST Finished the Latest MoaBoAloha - "KALIKIMAKA-MINT" - done in XMAS.


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