Friday, September 16, 2011

Taking A SNEAK-PEEK...


The Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard is having one of ITS Annual "Yard Sale" Fundraisers Tomorrow. We dropped by some Donations This Afternoon, and whilst There, did a bit of "PRE-Shopping"...

To be honest, IT was a tad disappointing. Nowhere near the really *great* STUFF that was to be HAD as Last Year! - [SEE 17SEP2010 - 18SEP2010 - 19SEP2010 POSTS] - Needless to say, that still *didn't* Prevent MOTHER from Acquiring yet *another* SEWING MACHINE to Clean and Refurbish!! -- Oh, and that is AFTER "donating" that Child's Portable Sewing Machine She had bought Earlier in the Year...

Anyway, as for ME..

I just got These Two - [5x2.5-inch]Dutch-Made TILES for a Dollar...

Although, I did ponder over an old large Beach-Scape PAINT-BY-NUMBER...

IT was nicely done, but NOT for $5.
- [..which is usually the Top-End of What I PAY for ORIGINALS!]

And, I really DO hate
Those "Frames" that come with Them. Perhaps, IF IT was $2...?

The SALE only goes until NOON - uncertain *IF* We'll be There or not... MOTHER has a bit of a Cold at the Moment - depends on "When" We start off...?


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