Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I *Can't* Believe I Did THAT!!


FATHER was waiting in THE CAR. MOTHER was with Me, heading toward the Building's Entrance... I move My Hands to adjust My Sweater Buttons, wondering - WHY They don't feel "Right"..?

Looking down, I "NOTICE" - My Dark-Coloured Cardigan is INSIDE-OUT!! -- We had been in a rush to leave the House, and I had thrown IT on in the Darkened Hall... Yeah. I definitely NEED My Eyes *EXAMINED*!!

Hey, LOOK! There's a Dime on the Ground at Our Feet!! -- Okay. So, perhaps My Fashion-Faux-Pas wasn't so potentially Humiliating afterall... Then again, considering The Doctor's BILL, this Tiny-Shiny-Monetary-Gift from The SIDEWALK-FAIRY was, but a mere Flake of Prosperity!

Clever People is This OFFICE - They make You Pay BEFORE You are BLINDED by the Drops!!

BTW, *THANK YOU* Medical Insurance Coverage!! -- Seriously?! "$60." for the VISUAL FIELD TEST
"Video Game"... Which, as it happens I scored 100% on one Eye and 99% on the Other - Despite My Severe Near-Sighted-ness! The Doctor was actually quite impressed.

Personally, I was quite surprised that I had done anywhere near so well. - Thought that My Reaction Time was on the Slow side... - It was My First Time doing IT.

Anyway... After all of the Drops, Puffs of Air, connecting Flashy-Dots, and trying not to Memorize The Charts - "Physically", My Eyes are Great! "Visually", My Prescription hasn't changed and yet, I'm still pretty much as BLIND as a Wombat!

But, what-the-hey... I found a Dime. And, My Doctor is CUTE!! - [..I'm not Dead Yet, either!!]


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