Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I'VE BEEN CELEBRATING My "Kid" SISTER'S BIRTHDAY with a Viewing-Marathon of Today's latest Purchase -- "HAWAII FIVE-0 - Season 1" DVDs!

She's a big Fan of The SHOW, too. I'm certain She would "Approve"! If not, We can "discuss" IT in a Few Weeks when She comes to Visit...

Anyway, I'm almost Half Way through Them... I'm especially enjoying the DELECTED SCENES
-- that do add to the overall "Background" Texture of The Storyline, although, I do see "Why" They were CUT.

Meanwhile, I have been engaged in some "Creative" Work whilst "Watching"... Started on THIS...

A little known TRUE Fact - A Decade ago, I was amongst a Group of "Friends" who *actually* had Lunch with ONE of THESE ACTORS!


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