Monday, June 27, 2011

Am I *HOME, Yet?

HAD a Mid-Noonish Appointment that ran LONG... Then, was Home for literally for all of *FIVE Minutes*, and had to be OUT the Door to catch Buses to get to the WESTGATE Area to take care of some Other Business! -- That took a bit of Time, too... I didn't GET Home until 5:00!

BTW, "discovered" that the 101-Bus Starts & Ends at the ST. LAURENT STATION, instead of ORLEANS these Days... That's a Pain!

Oh! And, I just noticed... the Numbers that I had picked LAST Week on the LOTTERY, came out TONIGHT!! ...crap...! Could've "won" $100.! grrrrrrrr.....

So. Not really getting as *far* as I would Like on that *little* Yarn-Boombing "Plan" I have... I keep getting SIDE-TRACKED with Having-To-BE-Places and Paperwork! And, more Laundry...

Anyhoo... THIS is ALL that I *managed* to get "done" while I was WAITING around at My First Appointment...


-- And, DON'T *ASK* about WHAT IT is!

...I'm *still* Playing around with IT...

WHICH, I need to do MORE of.. NOW!


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  1. Is it a red rhino????hugs tinkx


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