Monday, June 13, 2011

When *Something* GOOD Happens...

IT'S A GUARANTEE THAT, Something BAD Happens, Something *BAD* "happens", SOMETHING-Not-Really-All-THAT-Terrible-In-The-General-Scheme-Of-Things-BUT-Is-Nevertheless-Still-Just-A-Seriously-Downright-ANNOYING-Pain-In-The-A$$ets HAPPENS...!!

Remember that RAFFLE TICKET I got at the FUN FAIR on Saturday...? Well... WOOHOO!!
I *WON* "WHAT" I *wanted* to!! - The $60. MR. GAS Coupon! Something that We really CAN Use in the Coming Weeks!

WELL, that takes care of FATHER's "MALE-PARENTAL-UNIT DAY" Gift!! -- Meanwhile, I'm going to ENJOY the "Moment" while IT lasts...  You know, UNTIL SOMETHING...

So... All of that Weather-That-DIDN'T-Happen on the Weekend, paid a Lingering *Visit* Today. Mostly, in the Form of Dreary DRIZZLE... And, of course, I *needed* to go OUT! -- Something that I was EXPECTING finally Arrived, so I had to Attend to IT. AND, pick up That COUPON!!

Anyhoo... BETWEEN the Past and Future "HAPPENINGS", I managed some Progress on THIS...


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