Tuesday, June 14, 2011


"WELCOME, to LEGAL-AGE", in *most* Places!

He's the Eldest Progeny of SISTER-S and MOUNTIE-MAN-S... And, *Very* TALL, CUTE, Strapping, has this *Thing* for being AIRBORNE over SNOW*when* NOT Sporting a PLASTER-CAST... or Two! Otherwise, He's making like a Fish...

So... Totally SUNNY and NON-Wet, Today!! Temps were Cool in the Morning, but Heated Up later in the Day. I'm glad that there was a BREEZE...

It was also, a Day of KARMIC-Time-Management... sorta...

FATHER and I had an Appointment to attend to, and in order to Efficiently Utilize Our Time and Fuel, We took care of a couple of Errands - that at most Times - We handle separately. When it was ALL Done, Our Route Home, fortuitously Crossed PATHS with Our Very-Elderly Friend, MRS. CLEAN - Who was WALKING Home from Her nearby Doctor's Office. In the Sunny, Hot Weather, Slowly, without a HAT...!!

-- NEEDLESS to Say, We DROVE Her Home!!

Anyway... This Evening, I finally Finished the MOABOALOHA Scarf that I've been working on in that "MAPLE" Colour. Very BRIGHT and AUTUMNY! -- I'll Post a "Proper" Pic Tomorrow.

Well, My Eyes are shot for now... Have to Post THIS and be off to Bed...


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