Friday, June 24, 2011

NOAH Is Back From *Wherever*...

I SUPPOSE having 3 or so Weeks of HOT Temps and SUNLIGHT *after* the 2 MONTHS of **RAIN**, was just too much for the Local Weather Gods to handle...

It was a Sprinkle Here, a DOWNPOUR There... TRAFFIC and THUNDER - *EVERYWHERE*!

And, I had to be OUT in IT - Twice... Well, at least The CAR *looks* Cleaner!

Meanwhile... I *did* FIND Time to FINISH My Latest "MOA-TOTE"! -- Changed up a few Things on the DESIGN... Managed to Use *less* YARN. That LAST LOT of FACTORY ENDS I had acquired, had consisted of a few Packages of "MAPLE" in the THICKER Gauge.


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