Tuesday, June 21, 2011


...WAIT..? Whaddaya MEAN, the *DAYS* are going to get "Shorter"..? -- Well. THAT's *inconvenient*!

I'm also in "minor" *SHOCK* -- the DAY turned out to be HOT & SUNNY! As opposed - to the more often - CLOUDY & RAINY.

Anyway, I spent the better Part of IT, *finishing* THE "MOA-TOTE" BAG! -- As predicted, I had to REDO The FLAP... As in, *not* really having One! It's kind of Difficult to SEE, but there are SLITS for The FRINGES to feed through... And, The FRINGES are long enough to be TIED.
-- Oh, and IT's about 14-Inches across...

Meanwhile, I already have Thoughts on Tweaking the DESIGN some more... As IT is, THIS took the ENTIRE Package of YARN! Of which, I only have "SO" many... And, from a PRICE-POINT Perspective, I'm not certain that I'll be able to SELL Any... TABLET CASES *would* be more FEASIBLE!?



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