Saturday, June 25, 2011


WOW! -- A "GARAGE SALE" actually IN a Garage!! A *useful* Concept, especially on a RAIN-Enhanced Day!

I slept IN! -- I've had a TIRING Week - [...Sometimes, there's a LOT that I *don't* "mention" Here..] - and for the most part, had only intended on doing Groceries, Today. However, there *was* This ONE, *Nearby* GARAGE SALE that MOTHER wanted to Check out...

Soooo GLAD, we did!

For $2. I got This Box of over 100 NOTE CARDS, and even more EnvelopesALL of the ARTWORK depicted on Them are of PAINTINGS produced by "MOUTH and FOOT" ARTISTS! -- I would *LOVE* to SEE the ORIGINALS!

It was the SHIP Cards that first caught My Eye... I'm thinking that I could do a Single Frame-Up of a Grouping such as the ABOVE. Or, perhaps do a few Linear-Types - 3 or 4 Cards per Frame - aligning the Horizons...

As well, there were These FLORAL Ones... THESE are just *some* of Them...

Meanwhile, as to the OTHER THINGS I bought THERE...

I'm not completely "Certain", but I believe that THIS TUREEN - [I *think* that what IT is..?] - might be a Porcelain..? IT had that *Ring* to IT, and is very Thin... IT's about 35cm Long. And, was ONLY 50-Cents! Wasn't going to Say "No"...

IT has a marvelous CLASSICAL Look.
Could "GO" ANYwhere! ...Actually, the more I "think" on it, THIS might possibly be a Dining Table *Center Piece* for Floral Arrangements...? Or,
perhaps USE IT in a Bathroom for Rolled-up Washcloths... Maybe put IT on an Entranceway Table to hold MAIL?

And then, there were THESE [LEFT] Matching VASES... White Clay. 17cm and 21cm High. A DOLLAR for the PAIR!

We did the Grocery Shopping afterward... In between the Periodic Showers and Menacing CLOUDS.

Which didn't *Frighten* Me from "acquiring" TWO Packages of YARN! -- "FRUITLOOP"


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