Wednesday, June 29, 2011


IT'S "OFFICIAL" - I've FINALLY committed My FIRST "YARN-Boomb"!!

I've made SEVEN so far...

ONE, I gave to a Deserving Elderly Lady, who I'm sure could use a bit of a Pick-Me-Up!

FOUR are currently Hanging About in a Tranquilly-Spacious-Pale-Paletted-ZEN-Inspired *SECRET* Location that was positively Screaming for a CRAYOLA-Driveby!

And, the Young-ish, "Perky" STAFF were in NEED of *Something*
"different" in Their Workplace...

Oh, and it's CANADA DAY on Friday - so, I figured, "WHY NOT, eh?"!

The Remaining TWO were completed afterward... I may hang on to Them for a while... Or, pass Them on to Someone Else...

Meanwhile... the REST of My Day...

  • Still NO Cheques! -- Just the Hydro [Power] Bill...
  • The Fuse-Blowing Microwave finally died! Didn't have a chance to go Shopping for a *new* One until just BEFORE Dinner!
  • Noticed that some Poor, Unlucky Rabbit got SMUCKED on MRS.CLEAN's "quiet" Street - [..down the Road, around the Corner from Us...].
  • I won $7.!
  • And, read that some "Recently-Discovered" - [cough! Monday!] - Big-As-A-BUS HUNK of CELESTIAL-GRAVEL *almost* HIT The PLANET!! -- hmmm... Perhaps, it was a Good Thing that I *didn't* have a Lottery Ticket for those "winning" Numbers of Mine from the Other Night, huh?!


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