Friday, June 17, 2011



IF I had a Nickel for *EVERY* Time some IDIOT crossed in FRONT of Me in TRAFFIC WITHOUT
"Signaling", I'd be able to "afford" ANOTHER ROOM FULL OF YARN!!

Seriously. IF "Mind-Reading" actually BURNED OFF Calories, I'd be Several POUNDS LIGHTER! However, all that it really does, is hamper My "ability" to PICK OUT "WINNING" LOTTERY NUMBERS! -- Whatever... Let's just say that, I had a Few of what I Call, "L.A.X. Moments"!

It's been quite a while, but, there was a Time when the 3-Lanes of Roadway along the Passenger-Pick-Up Area at LAX Airport looked like a BUMPER-CAR Arena! The Sounds of Folding-Fenders was the Norm....

Anyhoo... I survived! Then, Got Where I had to, with Time to Spare, and then some! Made USE of it, with some Crocheting... of course!

Finally, LATER in the Day, I *escaped* to OLD NAVY for some ME-Time. And, despite FATHER's DAY SALES and 15%-OFF Coupon, I of course, SPENT Money!! -- DID get some rather Nice Tops... Some in a LINEN-COTTON Mix...

And NOW, I'm absolutely Pooped! I'll NO doubt be having another LONG Saturday, Scavenging for YARD SALES in the Morning. -- So, I *should* be heading off to Bed... Which, I'm gonna DO!


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