Thursday, June 2, 2011

Well...So Much For SECRETLY Spying On The NEIGHBOURS, Now!

HMM... I wonder HOW much ONE-WAY GLASS *costs*...? And, does it come with Thermal-Insulation?

Well, BIG-BLUE spent a quiet Evening in the Supportive Embrace of The HOUSE - [SEE Yesterday's POST]. I'm sure IT must have surprised The NEWSPAPER GUY on His Wee-Hours Delivery Run!

Anyway... The "TREE-GUYS"-CONTRACT-LADY showed up around Noon-ish. Informed Us that The GUYS would be BY in a couple of Hours as *Business* was quite Busy Today! -- The WIND was still GUSTING! And, it was Cool and Cloudy... -- Ah, SUMMER..? Where'd You go?!

Actually, THEY arrived Sooner... The Ginormous CRANE TRUCK was My First CLUE! And, for once, NO ONE was Parked in FRONT of the HOUSE!

Meantime, the CHERRY-PICKER TRUCK occupied the Laneway, whilst WOOD-CHIPPER TRUCK blocked it.

BTW, *None* of These rather Pleasant GUYS were Young & Strapping CUTE Lads... oh, well...

As The CRANE TRUCK was anchoring Itself, CHAIN-SAW GUY started Trimming what He could, that wasn't supporting The TREE. Then, He was UP in The BOOM-BOX snipping off The TOP before Securing the Crane-Cable...

WOOHOO!! FLYING TREE!! -- Seriously, *THIS* Part, NEVER gets Old!!


...Because, They got caught in The WOOD-CHIPPER!

The *whole* Process took no more than a Half-Hour, and then, THEY were off to Their Next JOB!

THIS is what's Left of BIG-BLUE that couldn't be Mulched... We kept a Few Little Bristles - MOTHER has Designs on doing some Scrapbooking Pages with Them..? As well, I had CHAIN-SAW GUY slice a couple of Trunk-Discs... I'm certain that I'll Think of *Something* to do with Them - eventually...

Meanwhile, I made - after Tapping a LOG with My Boot - an interesting "discovery" concerning SPRUCE WOOD that I had been previously unaware of - although, I really *should* have Figured it out! -- It's rather Light-Weight!

Despite, KNOWING that The TREE was considerably PLIABLE, it never donned on Me that IT was *also* NOT Heavy! -- DUH! No WONDER, IT was LIFTING out of the Ground so easily. IT wasn't
acting like a SAIL, IT was acting like a **KITE**! -- If the MAIN ROOT had snapped, I would have been Calling IT, the BIG-BLUE *BALLOON*!!

We should probably get the Flagstones *Engraved*...


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