Saturday, June 11, 2011

WOOHOO!! International Yarn-*BOOMBING* Day!!

AND, We ALL can just GUESS on "HOW" AUNTIE "Celebrated", EH?! [..hehe..]

But, FIRST...

The Day's Weather actually turned out a whole lot *better* than "Predicted"! Despite, leaving the House a tad Later than We would have liked, We did manage to find *several* YARD SALES in one of the Nearby "Neighbourhoods". However, a great *many* of the Sale Items were BABY / TODDLER Related Things...

ALL that I ended up
"acquiring" were [LEFT] THESE 2 Pieces of FABRIC.

And THESE [BELOW] Four SILK TIES that were a DOLLAR Each,
in Perfect Condition...

Afterward, We started on the Grocery Runs... Along with, a Brief Visit to a Small *Charity* "FUN FAIR" in THE MALL Parking Lot. Got a Hot Dog, and a Raffle Ticket.... "Crossing Fingers" on That!

Then, We went Inside... Ooooo!! LOOK What's on the Top of the YARN BIN... [HAPPY DANCE!!]

THIS BUNCH - [ABOVE] - is somewhat THICKER and a little STIFFER than the Usual Yarn. Got TWO Packages of the ORANGE-GREEN Skein - [RIGHT] - and THREE of the LIME - [LEFT]. I'm thinking that IT might be great for making TOTE BAGS..? -- I'll have to give it a go.

Got TWO of THIS LOT - [ABOVE] - I think I'll Call IT "MAPLE"...

Only managed to find ONE Package of THIS - [BELOW]... I HOPE *more* show up, I really LIKE IT!


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  1. wow a yarn fest huh?? hugs tinkx


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