Monday, June 6, 2011

Dentally DONE!!

...FOR *THIS* YEAR... hopefully...

Anyway, for *once*, My Appointment at the Fang-Fixer was on a SUNNY Day! ..A *really* HOT, SUNNY Day... Thankfully, there was the odd Breeze WHEN there *needed* to BE! -- Yeah. It's looking like it'll be "SUMMER" again THIS Week, too.

Meanwhile, despite having My Buses conveying Me through TWO different MALLS, I really didn't have Time to thoroughly "peruse" Them... Which, for the Sake of My BUDGET, was a Smart Thing! -- I still have that annoyingly "unexpected" not-so-little Insurance DEDUCTIBLE that I feel obliged to Contribute to...

Besides, I would have just spent the Money on *more* YARN that I DON'T have Room FOR!

-- NOT that I've ever let THAT *STOP* Me BEFORE..! Huh?!

However... I was a "GOOD Girl"... *Today*...

BTW, before I - or Anyone Else - FORGETS... THANK YOU!!  To ALL of THOSE WHO "CONTRIBUTED" IN *ANY* WAY in Regards to The EVENTS of THIS DAY in HISTORY!


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