Wednesday, June 15, 2011


THAT the *MALE* Population in This Town has always been on the Low-Side - [..Even MOTHER married An IMPORT!] - but, when a *MAIL* Strike Hits... Well...THAT is just absolutely CRUEL!
-- Especially, when One is *expecting* GOOD Mail!

Meanwhile... Another SCORCHER Day! -- Hope it Rains - [..WAIT! hang on...DID I actually just SAY That?!!..] - TONIGHT to strip some of the Excess Heat off. And, NOT *during* the Day, "When" I HAVE to be Out and About! -- HATE having to Drive IN Rain...

BTW, HERE's that Promised PIC of My *Latest* MOABOALOHA - "AUTUMN TWIST" - with STEVE!

Oh, and that "BLUE" should be
"GREEN"!! - IF, You CHECK OUT the Previous Pics of the
"MAPLE" Yarn, They more ACCURATELY depict the Proper Colour. Digital Camera... Grrrrrrr.....


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