Friday, June 10, 2011


CHEERIOS *now* come in CHOCOLATE Flavour..!? -- SWEET!!

Actually, *really* Sweet! And, just slightly "addictive"... I think that They would be better suited as a "Snack", rather than as being as Nutritional - [contains more Corn than Oats]- as the Regular Variety. -- Just saying...

Anyway, the Reason as to "WHY" I'm making a Mention Here... A "Fortuitous" Thing happened at one of the Grocery Stores Today!

I had previously "noticed" in a Few Recent Grocery-Flyers, this whole *New* Product Intro for the CHOCOLATE CHEERIOS... The Price for the tiny 350g Box ranged from $3.77 to $4.99!
Personally, I think That Cheaper Price is rather STEEP for that Size! However, it WAS "Chocolate".
-- I thought that I would splurge and Try-It-Out!

So... There I am, at The "$3.99" Priced Store and come across Their "DISPLAY"... Hey! Look! A GENERAL-MILLS-Rep-Guy is "fixing" it up... We "CHAT" - I'm a HUGE "Regular" CHEERIOS Consumer. -- "GORD", gives Me a Couple of FREE "Trial" COUPONS!!

-- YES!!

I used One. Saving the Other for Later... And, for the Next Few Days, or until Something BETTER
"happens", GORD is My NEW-BEST-FRIEND! -- What can I Say? He had Me at "Free CHOCOLATE"!

We hit a couple of more Grocery Stores. Barely Survived the *Annoying*-You-Could-HEAR-Him-Across-The-ENTIRE-Ginormous-SuperStore-WHINY-CRYING-For-20-Minutes-Please-SOMEONE-Just-Give-Him-A-Tiny-Hand-Whack-On-His-Butt-To-Get-His-Attention-Or-Else-His-Younger-4-Year-Old-Sister-Who-Looks-Like-She-Wants-To-Seriously-MAIM-Him-If-He-Doesn't-SHUT-UP-NOW-Probably-Will-6-Year-Old!

-- oh... Look-Whose-Van-Is-Parked-NEXT-To-Our-Car?!

Thankfully, We managed to Return HOME *ahead* of the Friday-Rush-Hour-Traffic! ... I *need* CHOCOLATE!!


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  1. Not fair i have to eat special K!!! hugs tinkx


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