Friday, June 3, 2011

We Interrupt This BLOOG To Bring BACK *SUMMER*!!

GO FIGURE..!?! - TODAY was THE *Perfect* SUMMER DAY! -- Not "too" Hot. Just the *right* amount of Humidity. With a pleasant, refreshing Breeze... AND, not even the whining drone of a Lawn Mower, NOR grinding screech of a Chain-Saw!

TRAFFIC also seemed to be on the Lesser side as well... I suppose, "THEY" were attending some of the various Charity Events around Town. OR, have just already LEFT for the Weekend. Afterall, it IS *FRIDAY*!

Anyway, I'm gonna keep THIS Short Today - I really DO feel a NEED to hit The HOOKS! So, WHILE I'm doing THAT, why don't YOU, CHECK OUT These SITES -

Just some *more* YARN-BOMBING to ENTERTAIN You with! -- OR, You can Smell THIS!
...I know You WANT to!!


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