Sunday, June 12, 2011


OKAY... FIRST OFF, I'm still in *Shock* over the Fact that We DIDN'T *get* ANY of the Predicted Crappy WEATHER! -- NOT that I'm Complaining...

Good Weather + on Birthday = HAPPY-Hassle-Free-FATHER!

Then again, ALL of *THAT* "Fortune" is probably WHY - [Universal Balance Excuse] - I've been in CYBER-HELL **ALL DAY**!! -- I'm strongly beginning to Suspect that there's very likely "An APP" for that whole *VOODOO*-Stick-A-Pin-Into-My-Laptop-And-My-Sanity...?

SUNDAY is usually My Cyber-Housekeeping Day... Clean-ups. Backups... Laundry... New HARD-LEARNT Lessons in Computer Science...

NOTE - STICK with IE8. The Template Interface and a few Other Tweaky Things of IE9 totally SUCK!

Although, I'm sure that there probably *might* be "some" Aspects of IT that are Wondrous and Evolutionary for some Happy-Hackers in TRONVILLE... However, pour Moi, *NOT* so much! -- IT was not "Useful" for MY Needs. And, the JURY is still OUT as to whether IT was the Source of My

As, it could also have been My Backup Drive... Somewhere, I'm sensing a Software Confliction that I have NO Skills in dealing with! -- THREE TIMES, I had to PULL THE PLUG because of System Freezes!!


And, on THAT Newly Discovered BIT of Knowledge, I'm OUT of HERE! -- Have to get THIS Posted, then to Bed! ...BUSY DAY planned for Tomorrow... with FATHER!


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