Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just a MOA-ing Right Along...

 SO... It would
"appear", that I'm *currently* in a bit of PROLIFIC MOOD with the "Crochet-Creating" These Days.

I started on This MOABOA, Yesterday. Just Finished IT!

No *NAME* as yet... And, I'll probably take *better* PICS in the Daylight, later... THIS will have to *do* for NOW!

..hmm.. It MUST be all of that SUMMER-ness going on... Over 30C Humidex again!

Also, I've been Tasked
with doing some additional DRIVING this Week. Hence, after "dealing" with the TRAFFIC, I've been passing My
"Chillelax"  [a "new" *NON*-Word that I've recently Discovered...]
Time in My 18C Basement...*making*

And, doing the odd Load of Laundry...


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