Saturday, June 4, 2011

Who Framed "Fishy Rabbit"..?

DESPITE leaving Late-ish - 10am - for Our Weekly "SATURDAY Scavenge", it ended up being somewhat of a LOOONG and exhausting Day! -- Then again, We may have just been "in Shock" over the Fact that We *finally* had a Saturday with GOOD Weather!

Average Seasonal Temps, slightly Overcast at First, with the direct Sunlight and minor Humidity increases later into the Afternoon...

So. MANOR PARK had Their "Community" Yard Sales on for Today... A bit disappointing, as there are usually *more* of Them. That Neighbourhood has a lot of large, older Homes along many intertwining, Tree-covered Streets. Great for Walking. Troublesome for Driving and finding a Spot to Park!

Rumour had it, that People had been uncertain about the Weather, so They didn't Set-Up... We probably *should* have just headed to BEACON HILL, as We have Habit to do... All that I got were the BELOW CDs.

I picked up [ABOVE] the 3 Canvas-Matted WOODEN FRAMES for a Dollar Total, at a Previous Location. They're actually nicely Constructed. Would be great to stick Mirrors in Them...

Anyway, after a brief stop-off at Home - it was along Route - We checked out a few Sales in OUR Neighbourhood that We had missed! And, spent waay too much Time CHATTING with Folks... It was almost 1:00 by the Time We GOT to BEACON HILL!

Oh, LOOK! Lots of "SIGNS"! -- Thankfully, *most* Sales were still going on.

Got the LEATHER FRAME, the DISPLAY LIGHT, and soft Former Binocular CASE, all for $3.
-- I think I'll use the Case as a Purse!

Meanwhile, One of the Area Schools were holding a FUN FAIR! -- With a small "Petting" ZOO, PONY Rides, Face-PAINTING, Jumping Contraptions, and the Local STAR WARS "Fan Club" Members *in* Costume! However, most "importantly" for Me - FOOD! -- I was getting Peckish...

Afterward, a few more Sales... The LAST ONE, was quite Enlightening!

We DIDN'T *Buy* Anything, but We ended up Conversing for quite a WHILE! -- As, in the Middle of Their very Lovely Ornamental GARDEN, They have a rather "Tame" WILD RABBIT!!

AND... in Their Backyard, They have TWO Fully-Stocked FISH PONDS that Run ALL Year-Round! The 2 "KOI" that were in there, were quite Colourful.

After that little ZEN-ish Respite, We finally made Our way to the Local Mall -- The SALLY ANN needed a fast Peruse, as did the Butcher's... Then, it was the obligatory Visit to THE MALL, and HOME! At LAST!!

Hey! The LOGS have been Adopted...


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