Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beyond *HOT*!

WE SURE DO *Love* Our EXTREMES in This City! Eh?

Just LAST Week, Temps were below Seasonal, and NOW...?! -- We're BREAKING Local Calendar Records ALL over the place! Was 33C [91.4F] with a Humidex of 43C [109.4F]! It's absolutely STIFLING Upstairs! But, *really* PLEASANT in the Basement!

Oh! LISTEN! THUNDER... DOWNPOURS... A touch of HAIL...? Well, that should strip some of the Heat off... BTW, The ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS *just* RETURNED from Shopping! *Moments* ago, BEFORE This Started!. Talk about TIMING!!


Okay... I'm BACK now - [several Hours later..] -- The STORM only lasted about 40 minutes or so... Wait a sec... *NUTS*! It's Raining AGAIN?! Well, at least *most* of the Humidity is GONE...

Anyway, I spent the REST of the Evening finishing off "GYPSY-MUFF2"! And, used what was LEFT of the YARN Ball to make a couple of WASHCLOTHS... Hmm...
I can Hear some Rumbling in the Distance. Think I'll WRAP This up for the Night!


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  1. Wow sno they are beautiful, sure the rumbling wasnt my tummy i am kind of hungry hehe hugs tinkx


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