Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bet, I'll Probably Be Blooging Through The CARPAL TUNNEL Tomorrow!


Well... That's because I've been spending HOURS *Manually* CYBER-GRUNTING through the DEBRIS of *WHAT* My "ANNOYING" BACK-UP DRIVE SOFTWARE **DID** the Other Day!!


-- Did IT *have* to COPY EVERY "BOOKMARK"?!! - Not to MENTION, the rather ERRATIC "Choice" of PHOTOS...?

HAD to go through just about EVERY "Folder"! - Thankfully, the NASTY DOUBLE FILES have
"some" Identifying Features... I just hope that I found MOST of Them! -- My NEXT "Mission", will be to ACCESS The DRIVE and Clean IT up BEFORE Triggering the Stupid Software...

You know... I never really had THESE Type of PROBLEMS back in the Good-Old-DOS-Days!!

...And, I had so wanted to DO some CROCHETING Tonight... *Maybe*, even GET around to Slicing up the WATERMELON that's been IN the Fridge for a WEEK...!! -- A GOOD THING that Tomorrow is a HOLIDAY, Here!!


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  1. hope you have a great day off dear hugsx


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